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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Land Of Fine Tobacco: Honduras

You could argue that Nicaragua is the land of fine tobacco. Or, the Dominican Republic. But what about Honduras? It’s a country that should not be overlooked. With popular, luxurious brands like Alec Bradley and Gurkha producing cigars in Honduras, there must be something special about the country.

First and foremost, the land makes Honduras special. The soil is ideal for growing tobacco, as it’s full of nutrients to nurture the plant. The climate helps too- it’s the ideal climate for growing tobacco.
The history also makes a difference. Honduras is home to many relocated Cubans. They came over when the revolution occurred, bringing their farming and cigar rolling skills with them. Honduran cigars have the Cuban touch, making them stand out among other cigars.

The combination of Cuban experience and excellent tobacco makes for a fantastic cigar. Honduran cigars are usually full-bodied, incredibly aromatic, and full of flavor. It’s no wonder that most people smoke one and keep going back for more.

Find out what the land of fine tobacco can really produce, and try a Honduran cigar. When you buy from Cuenca Cigars, you get the best online prices.

Many cigar manufactures have chosen Hondura has its country of preference. Among them Jesus Fuego, Camacho, Kafie Cigars, the makers of 7-20-4, many of the AsylumMaya SelvaAlec Bradley CigarsEiroa Cigars the original maker of Camacho Cigars, CLE Signature SeriesRocky Patel CigarsA. TurrentRoom 101Miro CigarsCarlos ToranoPunch CigarsSencillo Cigars

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