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Monday, September 21, 2015

Padrón Cigars Looks To Expand Its Base

For 50 years, Padrón Cigars has been known for high quality, box-pressed and full-bodied cigars. Now, the Padrón family has changed things up. With the launch of Padrón Damaso, the cigar producer now has a mild to medium-bodied cigar with a Connecticut seed wrapper from Ecuador and a round shape. They even create the cigar in a new factory located in the main Padrón factory complex.

You don’t see cigar makers recreating themselves like this too often. Cigar Afficiando’s David Savona asked Jorge Padrón why he changed so much with this cigar, and Padrón responded, “We want to give more people the chance to try Padrón cigars.” “Hopefully we can get more people to try a Padrón product - some that may not otherwise have tried one; people that prefer milder cigars. And we can bring them into the Padrón family little by little.”

Although there are many differences between Padrón Damaso cigars and other Padrón cigars, the quality is one thing that has not changed. By “focusing on the quality, focusing on the taste,” Padrón ensured that no corners were cut in the production of Damaso. He also feels that, “It's not a mild, mild cigar. It's got some flavor to it. It's not a one-dimensional product. It does taste like tobacco. It has characteristics that you would expect from a Padrón.”

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