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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Best Cigar Year Contest | First 10 Winners


Per second year in a row, we have broadcasted a Best Cigar of the Year Contest. This is a Facebook only campaign that we do in coordination with the cigar manufacture and our store, Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood Florida. The contest collects information about you, the customer, while grow our facebook fans page. This contest is not in any way related to any cigar publication and is not the subject of any review. All the opinios, votes and comments are exclusive of you, our faithfull clientelle. Please Feel free to share this Note with your friends. All we looking for is that You, the cigar smoker, the cigar lover, have the opportunity to express yourself. Your opinion, is all what matters to us, here at Cuenca Cigar. 

The contest last for approximately 10 weeks and a winner for every week is been picked at the end of the contest. This winner should email us back with their mailing address so; we can send him/her the Gift. This first level of winners will received a Free Cigars, Hats and/or T-Shirts. 

You must check the list below and if your name is there, please email us your Address at 

A week from the day you send us the address you will receive a Gift which we would love that your take a picture and post it in our Facebook Fan Page: Cuenca Cigar of Hollywood Fan Page 

Here is the List of Winners: 
*** Reply your mailing address from the Email you enter during substription to confirm you are the Real Winner **** 

  1. Robert D Ritchie, 
  2. Mandy Alvarez, 
  3. Harris Safra 
  4. Paul E. True 
  5. Troy Gies, 
  6. Mark Oberheu 
  7. John Schaffran 
  8. Gregory I. Ceaser 
  9. josee bilodeau 
  10. Michael Masters 

Please, emails you mailing address as soon as you can at We want to thanks to the over 500 new subscribers and new Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood fans for all the support and for sharing with us your opinion. 

Keep in touch with us on facebook so we can make of this new 2012 a better year for the cigar smokers community. 

Cuenca Cigar Crew 

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